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Fan group of the Czech automotive brand Škoda Auto. Submit here your photos and drawings of Škoda cars! Let's make this group rise and shine, like the Škoda does!
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Nov 10, 2014


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Here are some rules for this group:

1. Please do not upload submissions showing unreal models (concepts, 3-door Fabia, Octavia Convertible etc.) in folders named after those models. If you want to submit something like that, submit it in 'Other' folder.

2. The same rule like the previous one applies to hard-tuned vehicles. It's because I want to introduce Škoda to others, who never heard about this automotive. Sometimes the hard-tuned vehicle doesn't look very fine and clear and harms name of the automotive, so this is the reason.

3. Rally vehicles submit in 'Rally and racing' folder, altough it's Fabia or Octavia.

4. Vehicles older than 1950, should be submitted in 'Older models' folder.

5. Submissions with multiple models of Škoda cars should be submitted in 'Multiple models' folder.

6. Special Škoda cars like police cars, emergency and service vehicles and also vehicles with lightbar should be submitted in 'Emergency Vehicles'.

7. Photos where is Škoda together with whole car body of any other brand cannot be accepted.

8. Buses and trucks with Škoda badge should be submitted in 'Trucks and buses' folder.

I think it's all. If you have any idea how to refine this group, tell me please.

Hi Škoda fans!

Today I give you resolving what does Škoda logo means. Yeah, everybody knows winged arrow, but who knows its meaning?

So here is Škoda logo:

1 - An arrow is said to be a symbol of speed and targeted activities.
2 - Wings are symbol of progress, freedom and breadth of offerings.
3 - Hole means eye, which indicates the manufacturing accuracy and sensitivity to the environment.
4 - Circle means unity, world and harmony

5 - Green colour gives individuality because her competitors rarely used. It means ecology production, recyclation and freshness.

And together: "On the wings of progress with speed of an arrow precisely to customers, the same to all over the world in harmonious freshness."

Do you like it? What car-brand has logo with nicer meaning? :D


I know I wrote that today we learn something about Škoda's simply clever solutions. But I'm more interested now in rare Škodas and I hope you are as well. That's little apologise from me, now let's start :)

---- Škoda 1000 MBX/1100 MBX (1966-1969) ----

In 60's Škoda didn't have money for developing the 'front-engined-front-wheel-drive' conception. They used opposite conception - 'all-rear' - rear-engined, rear-wheel drive. In 1964 was introduced new 'MB' series. Numbers before the letters mean engine size (1.0L or 1.1.L). Škoda surprisilgly introduced rare coupé/tudor called 'MBX' in 1966. Beautiful coupé was derived from standard 4-door sedan Škoda 1000MB/1000MB. It had some interesting features - there wasn't middle roof column known as B-Column and doors had frameless windows. C-column had negative slope. This coupe was much more expensive and it's rarer than its successor - Škoda 110 R Coupe. Both versions were built in only 2.517 cars.

Engines: 1.0L , 31kW
             1.1L , 38kW

Standard sedan images:…

---- Škoda 110 R (1970-1980) ----

It is successor of MBX. It debuted in 1970 and immediately got nickname 'Czech Porsche'. Little stylish coupe, which design was faster than engine, used the same recipe like the previous MBX, but for lower price. Frameless door windows, sporty feeling... It was little Czechoslovakian dream for every man (or woman). Škoda '100 Series' used the same conception like 'MB' series with 'all-rear'. Easy driving, lower price and nicer styling made this car more popular than its predecessor hidden in the shadow of this well-known coupe by Škoda. It was also popularized by succeses of racing-car Škoda 130 RS, which was based on 110 R. It was made more than 56.000 coupes.

Engines: 1.1L, 46kW


---- Škoda Garde (1981-1984) ----

New coupé (Type 743) debuted in 1981 as the successor of Škoda 110 R. It was based on four-door sedan Škoda 120 (Type 742), but it had much more elegant car body styling than the sedan. It still used all-rear conception, which was a bit obsolete in 80's, but it gave unique driving feelings. Interior had sporty feeling with anatomic seats with integrated headrests. 11.179 cars were built.

Engines: 1.2L, 40,5kW
             1.3L, 43 kW

---- Škoda Rapid (1984-1990) ----

Škoda Rapid was actually only renamed, modernisated version of Garde, introduced one year after debut of sedan modernisation. Newer coupé had different front-face against Garde, wider track width and more powerful engines. Rapid also introduced first 5-speed gearbox, available only for versions Rapid 130,135 and 136. Some companies abroad (mainly in UK) were transforming Rapid in convertible version, which are hell rare. All version of Rapid were made in more than 33.000 cars. Rapid was the last sports coupe car made by Škoda, which is really bad luck...

Engines: 1.3L, 43kW
             1.3L, 46kW



That's all my friends. Please share your feelings in comments :)

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